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[28 Oct 2004|06:35pm]
HI ALL! ADD NYO SI gumballmadness ako yun.

papatayin ko na siguro ito.
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blue bangles [28 Oct 2004|10:26am]
Hi. im here at tif's place. dito ako natulog. can i just say na 3 hrs ako nagantay sa kanya kagabi? haa? leche.

anyway, may bago akong book. wooohiooo!

let's go out. day off ko today!
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[21 Oct 2004|07:47pm]
kelangan ko lang sabihin na may officemate ako na kamukha na homer simpson na may buhok lang. astig. ay. este . aSHtig.
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[21 Oct 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i did this three years ago while watching tv. I was at 7007 Madison then with roomies Joe and Pao..and i miss their sillyness sometimes. I wish I was more creative.


i didnt go to work today. I just didnt feel like it. I was trying to persuade three friends to do the same last night. and i failed. ugh.

so if i was at work today, i might have more hands drawn in this notebook.

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[19 Oct 2004|10:20pm]

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alas. [19 Oct 2004|09:20pm]

i'm not fond of the games the you play..
but i'm fond of you anyway.


watched three films from the spanish filmfest last week. greenbelt is the place to be. way better than those filmfests in megamall with kids running around and people snoring. har.

my mom called this afternoon to tell me, as early as now, to file my vacation leave for christmas. of course, being the good daughter that i am, i asked a superior if it would be ok for me to go home for christmas. "depende" daw. wtf? i was too stressed and tired to argue so i simply ignored her and went back to work. i'll get back to that tomorrow.

I'm eager to watch too late play tomorrow. I miss those guys... :/


sometimes we talk about things as if we're carrying the world on our shoulders yet when we think about it really, what's consuming us is but a spoonful compared to the bucket of mind twisting matters other people encounter. but we cant really blame ourselves because things get really shitty sometimes. i guess we'll just have to keep in mind that whatever it is that's bothering us, it'll just make us stronger in the end. everything will fall into place. (yes den. yes shine.)
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last night i had a dream [29 Sep 2004|10:52pm]
hindi maekspleka sa mga kwento, salita, o sulat ang mga pangyayari noong Style Awards. Mapapakita lamang ito sa loob ng mga litrato. na malamang ay manggagaling kay denise flojojojo femaleautobot kaya hintay hintay nalang kayo sa entry na. abangaaaan.
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[24 Sep 2004|09:57pm]
btw, congrats to kathy and anj for the monica video! ang ganda! pramis! :D:D
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[19 Sep 2004|05:23pm]
the only boy i truly love is getting married.
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[27 Jul 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

its difficult trying to make 500 pesos fit for 7 working days. now im down to P150 and i need to keep it at that until friday. how the hell am i gonna live? :/

im still stuck in this dreamy-cloud9-happy-happy-happy mood. a hangover from saturday night's admit 1. feel my heart beat. feel my heart beat. oooooohhh.. im in looooveee..

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eh? [11 Jul 2004|10:56pm]
[ mood | full ]

hey hey kids. i have no money.
watched mean girls with sunshine, peachy and vic last friday.
i'm here at my cousins' place.
ate ribs for lunch and medium rare steak for dinner. lobsters too. goodgod.

i still have work tomorrow.
i wish i could live here forever.
no, wait. i take that back.

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day off [07 Jul 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | good ]

oh yes its my day off from work. i woke up at 10am. started sweeping the floor and moving stuff around to check out if the room would look more spacious if the cabit went this way or that way and started thinking "if only we had shelves.."

our dirty clothes were overflowing so i started picking it up one by one, folding it, listing it down, putting it in a plastic bag... and called the laundry shop to pick it up.

smoked a few cigarettes while waiting for the pick up boy.

watched a little TV.

caught a glimpse of the neon green desk fan (dirty green na) above the TV. started taking it out one by one and washing it. submerged it in water w/zonrox and wiping it with a clean towel. then i put it back one by one and turned it on to feel the clean air.

then i felt dirty. w/ dust and perspiration and cigarette smoke.

took a bath and found an old curduroy pants i havent worn for a few months now. thought of why i havent worn it for a long time. found the problem. i needed to sew belt hooks or something. whatever u call that. basta. so i sewed. while watching this movie in HBO.

i got the sudden urge to go to school. since i couldnt coz i dont have my alumni id anymore, i just went to GP. Green Place. and pigged out. i ate a plateful of their sisig and 2 mirinda calamansi. catched up with charles and the gang. saw a lot of "cool" people hanging out at Agno. i felt old. i didnt know anybody anymore. didnt recognize a single face. ugh.

productive day aint it?

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hi! im alive! [26 Jun 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey friends! its been.. hmm.. 2 weeks? since i last updated. sorry. wala nak0ng life. haha! pero pumunta ak0ng fete ha! lousy mess... na astro cigarette tayong lahat dun. paking shet. ang konti ng nakita k0ng friends. i didnt get to see everyone i was expecting to see... baduy.... pero ok lang. tss..

anyway, hi. buhay pa ako. i miss you guys! it was great hangin out with you again ! buti nalang may menu for the day lagi si mendel, kahit papano napapangiti ak0 kahit kulang nalang murahin k0 ung kausap k0 sa telepono.

kanina sabado na sabado, may sales seminar chuva kami sa work. i went home at around 4am this morning.. nag hang out kami sa house ni macky.. (oo tulog lang ak0 the whole time).. tapos 8am nasa office nak0.. walang kwenta.. nagpunta lang kami robinson's place ng mga officemates k0.. ay panisss.. opis gerl. haha! :P

miss k0 pa rin si paa. paking shet. layp.

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yey! [26 May 2004|12:02am]
hi. i hate my job. really. i swear.

anyway, i miss jamming. i really had fun tonight. we jammed at damien, 2nd time to jam this year. yes. gasgas na gasgas na talaga. but it was great. twas nice catching up with rember.

met up with tiff, ketch, and ched at glorietta before that. i took a cab from valero to glorieta. alam nyo kung magkano yung binayaran ko?! 67 f*cking pesos. putanginang yan. para ak0ng nagmayrics ampotah. tapos ang kapal pa ng mukha ng driver. dagdagan ko daw kase trafic. gago pala siya e. shet.

the mrt ride was fun too. i guess we were too loud because people were staring at us. but who cares. haha. it was fun! keeps your mind off the fact that it was so crowded. think of something positive out of the negative. make a joke out of it. haha.

tonight would be the 3rd night i'd be sleeping in our new place. awww. i miss madison. 3 years. 3 wonderful wonderful years... tapos na.. :( it was at madison where i met so many diverse and interesting people, learned to play the guitar and smoke, made the most out of college.. the place where i "grew up". awww.. :( so sad.
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moving out.. [18 May 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

moving out.. moving in. two important matters crammed up into one lousy week.

moving out accomplishments:
: all books are packed.
: and some shoes
: and desk stuffs
: and drawer stuffs
: and bags

things yet to do:
: pack up clothes
: and magazines
: and laundry
: and bedsheets
: and underwears
: and discmans and other gadgets
: and medicines

yet to ponder about:
: how to move the tv
: and the computer
: time, money and work.
: how to move all the things 6 blocks away.

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by the way.. mga problema ko ngayon... [16 May 2004|10:58pm]
: kelangan namin mag move out by sunday (may23). inaccuse kami ng landlady namin na apat daw kami. sabi niya hindi daw siya naniniwala na tatlo lang kami sa amount ng gamit namen. gago siya e madami talaga kaming gamit e.. sabi pa niya burara daw kami. tangina niya. kelangan namin umalis ng 23rd. tapos may 16k na kelangan bayaran for the last 2 months.
- gago talaga siya. nagsigawan kami dun sa madison. buti nalang dumating si peach. nakalma ako ng konti. basta ganun.
+ nagusap na kami ng mommy ko. susubukan daw niyang bayaran. posible naman daw na makaya niya padala sa akin ung pera in a week's time. alabhsoo ma.

: 1 week to find a good house.
- ilang araw na kami nagtatawag ni peach at nagpupunta punta sa kung saan saan para makahanap ng bahay. pati mga squarter's area napuntahan na namin. tangina lang talaga.
+ kanina may nadaanan kami sa taal street. dito lang banda. ang ganda. mejo maliit. studio. p7,600. mukhang pwede un. magagawan ng paraan. kinausap niya parents nya. mukhang magagawan ng paraan. bukas ang judgement day.
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and people here are asking after you... [28 Apr 2004|10:11pm]
hey kids. work today was not good at all. literal. arg. lunch break k0 10am. pucha! lunch?! 10?! e kung wala ak0ng pasok hindi pako gising ng ganung oras. pakshet. everything didnt work out so good this morning.. and afternoon.

but hell, im here in foxsquare right now. lots of good lookin boys outside (sila miggie, si oto, si ched.. di ba? panis!). i still feel groggy considering the amount of sleep i had this morning. 2 hours. 2 hours of sleep. ang saya.

i was at paolo's (ex roomie) house last night. one hell of a house party. all the "cool kids" daw. panis. 2 kegs of beer, weed, food, and aspiring musicians. i got bored though. ewan. parang hindi nak0 sanay na sila mga kasama k0. im not that comfortable with them anymore...and they seem so different from how i knew them.. tsss.. buti nalang dumating si darling k0. panissss...
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hi again [08 Apr 2004|11:37pm]
salamat friends! ameeshoo friends! gusto k0 na mag beachy. andit0 ak0 kila macky. magbibitch kami bukas. yey. yey. kaya lang konti lang kame cguro. pero ok lang. at least hindi ak0 magisa sa bahay...

namimiss k0 na mag drawing drawing at mag paint paint. kase wala naman ak0ng talent. pwet. pero gust0 k0. namimiss k0 na. matagal na ak0ng hindi nakahawak ng malinis na papel at lapis at inspirasyon sa isip. syet.
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manic monday [29 Mar 2004|06:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

pucha! ambilis ng panahon. lunes nanaman! pakshet! wala ak0ng ginawa opisina kundi magtanga....

kanina sa bus, sobrang sikip. cympre nakipagsiksikan din ak0 dun.. tapos mejo nasa harap ak0 na part.. tapos yung dalawang babae walang mahawakan e sobrang crazy ang bus ride... tapos sabi ng isang girl.. "mama, pahawak lang po" (reaching for the hand rail or something...) tapos ung lalake parang walang narining.. he didnt even budge..... e tapos nag turn bigla yung bus, sumigaw ung girl (to the same guy), "mama, pa hawak!!!" sabay hawak sa braso ng lalake.. tapos wala.. hawak hawak nya yung braso ng lalake hanggang bumaba na sila.. hahahaha! Hindi k0 matanggal ung ngiti k0... pero putsa nabadtrip ak0 dahil.......

ung isang lalake na naka ajinomoto uniform palabas. sabi nya "jan lang!" e hindi tumigil yung bus kase ba naman subrang sikip at hindi cya cguro narinig. putsa nagalit ba naman ang gago.. sabi nya "sabi nang bababa ak0 e, wala na! nilampasan ny0 na! sa pasong tamo nalang.." tapos nung nasa pasong tamo na sabi, "O! dito lang ak0! malalampasan ny0 nanaman!"... tapos sobrang sumisiksik cya para bumaba, tapos nagagalit amputah.. nagmumura at nagagalit kase daw ang sikip. tangina.. cympre.. ak0 naman edi uminit na yung ulo k0... sinigawan k0 cya: "E PUTA KASE MASIKIP TALAGA E!! ANONG MAGAGAWA MO?! ALANGAN NAMAN BUMABA KAMING LAHAT DITO PARA SAYO!! PUTANGINA!" tapos tinginan nya lang ak0 tapos tumahimik.. tapos bumaba.

tangina... ung mga tao sa tabi k0 napatingin saken.. tapos parang tumawa nalang ak0.. natawa din sila.. sabi nila ang kupal daw ng mama... oh well, at least may mga kakampi ak0. shet cya!

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[28 Mar 2004|09:01pm]
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